Entropy Patent issued

Entropy Technology Design, Inc. Issued Patent

I am very proud to announce that Entropy Technology Design, Inc. has been issued a patent for its proprietary severe weather detection technology!

Tami Fitzpatrick, CEO

Our patented technology offers a more advanced way to detect and understand thunderstorms and tornados. The heart of the Nimbus technology is the use of special sensors to detect magnetic fields that are produced by the movement of charges within storms. Lightning strokes are the sudden movement of thousands of amps of electrons, but charges are constantly moving in many other ways as storms develop and move across the landscape. Our technology collects the very low frequency magnetic signatures and uses software to convert this information into a 3-dimensional geometry of the storm.

Our new technology allows for new types of real-time storm warnings, including: detection of the early formation stages of storms; more accurate plotting of lightning activity; and warning when storms are becoming more powerful. Perhaps most important in this dangerous age of climate change, Nimbus can detect the kinds of changes in a thunderstorm that lead to the development of tornados.

Entropy’s technology can also provide new types of data on larger-scale storm systems such as hurricanes, and offer critical understanding of sudden changes in storm strength that increase the danger at landfall. The new systems can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, from individual hand-held products and drone-mounted sensors, up to larger systems that can protect metropolitan areas.

We are actively looking for new business partners to commercialize. Message me if interested. Tami Fitzpatrick, CEO

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