Dec 13, 2021

Climate change is steadily increasing the strength and severity of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tornados.  The recent tornado outbreak in the U.S. highlights the rising danger that comes from this increase in the energy available to storms.  Entropy Technologies patented NIMBUS™ storm detection technology is poised to be a powerful tool in the early detection and warning of tornados and thunderstorms using a proprietary method of capturing the geometry of the changing magnetic fields  generated by evolving storm cells.  Both lightning and tornados are the end result of the physical structure and characteristics of a storm.  The NIMBUS™ technology is capable of detecting the changes in the magnetic fields that allow more accurate plotting of lightning strokes, the pre-strike detection of lightning strokes as they begin in the charge layer, and the magnetic field signatures of tornados.

The NIMBUS™ offers the creation of a new data field that can provide high accuracy local warnings of extreme weather events, and changing the way severe weather warnings are distributed in the age of climate change.