Perseverance. Something CEO, Tami Fitzpatrick has maintained through any obstacle to take Entropy to success.

The entire student body and many parents made the 12 block walk from Seminole Heights Elementary to Hillsborough HS as part of their Walk to Success tradition. Their 29th year!

Asked to be their keynote, Tami spoke about this year’s theme. Perseverance. A topic Principal Dr. Francine Lazarus knows Tami has a ton of firsthand experience.

😊 Tami’s Message?

1. Don’t believe failure is a permanent condition.

2. Don’t live for what someone else wants you to be. (Read that one again)

3. Take the time to find the path in life that makes YOU happy.

4. People who succeed, fail all the time. Keep going. FAILURE + PERSEVERANCE = SUCCESS

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