Edward Shaver, CTO

Chief technology Officer
Physicist • Inventor • Published Author​
Tampa, Florida

Physicist Edward F. Shaver is the Chief Technology Officer of Entropy. Prior to joining Entropy, Mr. Shaver led development and production for the ThunderBolt and SkyScan products. The SkyScan product, introduced in 1995, pioneered the industry as the first commercially viable hand-held lightning detector. The ThunderBolt product, introduce in 2003, was the first hand-held product capable of tracking the motion of full thunderstorms, introducing the ability to offer Estimated Time of Arrival for storm activity at a particular location. In 2012, Mr. Shaver developed the StormVector Area Warning System, which used wireless communication to build auto-meshing networked storm warning alert beacons of unlimited size. This allowed for the implementation of the ThunderBolt storm warning in large industrial facilities, college campuses, and even areas the size of small cities. Mr. Shaver was also part of the development and manufacturing design team for the P5 Personal Lightning Detector for Sky Scan Technologies.