A New Class of Sensors and AI Technology for the Detection of Natural and Man-Made Threats

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Our Mission

Entropy’s breakthrough NIMBUS™ sensor technology provides a proprietary data field that creates new disruptive opportunities in the weather, drone, electronics and threat detection industries.

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Government and Military

Track, Detect and Disable sUAS in Seconds

Skyscraper night city with connection icons. Smart communication in city.

Infrastructure Mapping

New data fields for the mapping, monitoring, and protection of utility and tele-communication systems


Proprietary NIMBUS™ VLF Sensors,
Electronics and Software

A Blowfish A3 Combat Swarm System by Ziyan UAS hovers during a live demonstration at the UMEX Exhibition on February 23, 2022. AFP / Getty Images 

Key Takeaways from the article by Steven Bucci, PhD

  • The story here is still a bit of science fiction today, but the horizon is very close.
  • Presently, a swarm of 1,000 drones could overwhelm the defenses of any major target in the U.S. or our overseas assets
  • We have no real defense in our military, homeland security, or industrial arsenals that could defeat such an attack. This must be remedied as soon as possible.